OMG 2012 BT: Straight from Hel & Victorian Holiday Giveaway

Join me today over at Straight From Hel where I talk about Dr. Franz Mesmer and his protege Dr. James Braid and how they relate to my YA Steampunk Paranormal Romance novel The Zombies of Mesmer. There you can also enter to win this lovely Victorian Holiday Gift Package, which includes all three of my books and a golden Voodoo Doll, crocheted by yours truly. The books are wrapped quite fancy, Victorian Style, and adorned with a wax seal a handmade illustrated gift card.

As promised over on Straight from Hel, below is some information about Voodoo Dolls and the Amigurumi Crochet Pattern I used for this little cutie, which can be used to inflict agony on your ex or just to hold your pins while you sew.


Turns out, there are several different kinds of Voodoo, like Haitian Vodou, West African Dahomeyan Vodun, and New Orleans Voodoo, aka Louisiana Voodoo. Then there is Voodoo the way Hollywood portrays it, which usually has little to do with history or reality, much like they way they portray paganism and witchcraft. 

But Hollywood and written fiction has definitely popularized the Voodoo Doll, that wonderful dark little poppet used to torture and sometimes even control your enemy, depending on the story.

Voodoo is a religion, originating from African traditions, which has gone underground due to its inaccurate portrayal and fame. The Hollywood 1932 film White Zombie made Voodoo a celebrity. The Voodoo Doll loosely stems from the concept of a gris-gris, or protective amulet. Ironically, the Voodoo Doll was originally used for protection and a way to invoke blessings on another, but it has become a symbol of “black magic” and a way to exact magical revenge upon those who have harmed us.

Personalize Your Voodoo Doll

There are many ways to personalize your Voodoo Doll. The most effective way, according to my research, is to sew something from the target into the doll, like a lock of hair or nail clippings. You can also sew the name of your special someone into the doll. Some dolls faces are left blank, so you can draw a likeness of the person in question. One site said that the pins were for attaching the name or personal article to the doll rather than used the way Hollywood loves to portray it. OUCH!

Amigurumi Voodoo Doll Pin Cushion Pattern

I got the pattern for this cutie from Instructables and slightly modified it. The pattern is canucksgirl’s, and through this site I learned not only how to crochet these little guys, but I learned how to do the magic ring!

It’s been fun crocheting again. My grandmother taught me how to crochet, and it’s been very healing to work with my hands again.

Go on over to Straight From Hel and enter to win this adorable guy along with the gift-wrapped books. It’s easy to enter! All you have to do is comment on her blog for an entry. To gain a second entry, comment here as well. Get 5 more entries each time you Tweet, Facebook, Tumbl, or share on Goodreads. Make sure you make a list of all you’ve done over in the comments at Straight From Hel. The contest runs through Friday, and I’ll announce the winner here on Saturday.


Join me tomorrow…

Wednesday, November 28: Savvy Verse & Wit: Fiction/Poetry Podcast

Book & Poetry Giveaway
Win an author-signed copy of
Caught in the Cogs: An Eclectic Collection
PLUS a copy of “New York Rain”
penned longhand by the poet
matted, ready for framing

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