OMG 2012 BT: And In The End…WINNERS!

AR-Cover4WebWelcome to the official final day of my 2012 Blog Tour. Unfortunately, I totally screwed up. The Goodreads giveaway was supposed to last through today, but when I set it to end Saturday, they meant Saturday at midnight, meaning it already ended. My apologies.

Yesterday I posted on how Avalon Revisited made the Top 100 out of over 1400 books on a Goodreads List. Today, it’s at #51!!! Since the contest on Goodreads ended sooner than I expected, I’m willing to give away one more copy of each. If we can get Avalon Revisited up to the #1 spot on this Goodreads list, I will give away your choice of my three books to three different winners just for voting on Goodreads: “Best Unknown Books that Must Be Known.

I only need about 30 votes to get into the top ten, so share with your friends! If you vote for Avalon Revisited and put it in your top five books on the list, leave me a comment below. If I reach #1, I’ll choose three people from the comments on this post. It only takes a few seconds to vote, so please help Avalon Revisited be seen.



Congratulations again to yesterday’s winner from the giveaway at Bitten by Paranormal Romance

*****BEKAH JUNE*****

Her copy of The Zombies of Mesmer is already on its way to her.

Today, I’m thrilled to announce the winners of an author-signed copy of Avalon Revisited from Romance Junkies as well as the Gothic Victorian Holiday Package from Straight from Hel.

Romance Junkies
WINNER of Avalon Revisited
*****Robin Lynn*****

Straight from Hel
WINNER of Gothic Victorian Pkg
*****Janel Gradowski*****

Congratulations to both these winners. Email me at steampunkgrey (at) gmail and provide your address as well as any dedication requests. Your prizes will go out in Monday’s mail. Please consider leaving a review on Goodreads and Amazon when you’ve read them.

Over at Goodreads, I offered two copies of each title up for a giveaway, and although it was supposed to last through today, Goodreads has already picked the winners, and here they are!!

WINNERS of Avalon Revisited
Annie Tagg
Bailey Walker

WINNERS of Caught in the Cogs
Anthony Malashak
Missy Zuber

WINNERS of The Zombies of Mesmer
Dilys Myhill
Eyran R

Congratulations to these winners! Your books are already on their way to you. Please consider leaving a review on Amazon and Goodreads when you’ve read them. Thank you.


Didn’t win? Didn’t get around to playing? There is still time to enter these last three contests!

  1. Win a KINDLE and a handmade baby Cthulhu at Bitten by Books. Read a different excerpt from The Zombies of Mesmer and enter to win via Rafflecopter. Easy sign-in with Facebook or Twitter, and there are many ways to increase your entries. It’s so much fun to see all the things you can do! But the only this you have to do is 1) leave your name & country, and 2) leave a comment on the guest post. Contest ends on Sunday, December 2nd.
  2. Win a copy of Caught in the Cogs and a handwritten, matted copy of my poem “New York Rain,” as well as read about the inspiration behind my poetry and listen to a short fiction/poetry podcast! All over at Savvy Verse & Wit! Easy, easy entry…just comment and ask a question. Contest ends on Sunday, December 2nd.
  3. Win a copy of The Zombies of Mesmer and a beautiful clock-hand tiara/necklace at STEAMED, where you can also read my short story “Hannah & Gabriel,” a Steampunk retelling of “Hansel & Gretel.” Contest ends Sunday, December 2nd. 

These winners will be announced on Monday, December 3rd. Right here. Stay tuned!

Click here for the entire O. M. Grey 2012 Blog Tour Weekly Schedule

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2 Responses to “OMG 2012 BT: And In The End…WINNERS!”

  1. Voted yesterday making it #1 on my personal list. Totally sharing it & hope it makes it to #1!

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