Steampunk Spotlight: Sweetening the Steamy Stew!

556815_397013233708521_1869845871_nLast month, I featured the Gearhearts IndieGoGo fundraising campaign. They only have FOUR DAYS TO GO, and they need all your help to reach their $3500 goal!

So, I’m going to sweeten this steamy Steampunk stew again. Last month, I offered to write a short story starring YOU for anyone who donated $500 or more, but I’m lowering that offer today. Donate just $300 and get your very own short story starring you. You get to pick whether you want it to be erotic romance or mystery or action/adventure. You get to pick if you are the protagonist or antagonist. You can even give me a writing prompt for plot, if you so choose. After that, it’s all up to my creative process.

Be immortalized in print!

Plus, as I do with all my short fiction, I will submit it to markets until it’s published, so your personalized short story will appear in an online and/or print publication sometime in the next few years!

This offer is good for anyone who donates between now, December 11th, and the end of the campaign. 

So, at $300 you will not only get everything from the previous rewards, but you will also get your VERY OWN SHORT STORY, written by me, which will appear on this website, the Gearhearts website, as well as other publications TBD in the future. AND all your copies of Gearhearts will be signed by the cover models, including me.

At $500, you will get everything from the $300 level PLUS you’ll get to star in a SECOND short story by Lucky K. Holliday.

Donate today!

~ by omgrey on December 11, 2012.

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