Reminder of Comment Policy

I wrote this about 14 months ago. I see that I have to repost it now: Intolerant of Intolerance.

This is my place. Mine. Be nice or fuck off.

If you are disrespectful or a troll, I will delete your comment.

Most people who comment are AWESOME! They’re either adding to the conversation or asking really great, challenging questions. They’re supporting my work by offering words of encouragement or praise, and I love you all for it. There are days when a comment or an email from a reader is what keeps me going, as I don’t get paid to write all these posts or record the podcasts. So it’s very validating to connect with readers on a personal level because they’re living an alternative lifestyle are curious to learn more about it…or perhaps they’re suffering abuse or heartbreak, and it’s just nice not to feel alone. Regardless of the reason…PLEASE!!! Keep commenting!

I truly love it!


Very, very rarely, I’ll get a troll-like comment by someone who was offended by something I said or misunderstood something I wrote or just is intolerant of any idea outside of their own.

I’m not a fan of intolerance, really. Not even a little bit. It’s hatred. It’s judgement. It’s bullshit, and I really just don’t have time for it or for those who are being intolerant.

You might say I have an intolerance for intolerance.

Ironic, I know. But there it is.

If you’re respectful and kind, even if you disagree, we can have a lovely discussion. If you don’t like what you read here and it makes you so very angry that you can’t help but be aggressive and rude, then, guess what, DON’T FUCKING READ IT!

And never, ever, tell me to take my own writing off my site. Fuck you. Again.

Cowards who hide behind internet monikers and sling mud can really fuck off, as can misogynists.

Play nice.

If you judge me or my lifestyle…

If you attack me and insult me…

If you come to my place and display your assholery…

I’ll delete you.

So, play nice. Because, yes, life is too short to deal with assholes, and I really have so many better things to do than to argue with the ignorant or the arrogant.

This is a place of safety, of understanding, of honesty, and of open-minded love.

Please treat it as such.



* re: “Cowards” – I’m using this word coward to describe emotional cowardice. Everyone has fears, and a person’s fears are very important to them and should be to their SO. We all struggle with fears and ways to minimize or overcome them. So being afraid of something does not make one a coward. Sharing fears with a SO/spouse certainly does not make one a coward. A coward is someone who allows said fears to completely dominate their behavior and choices, hurting themselves and everyone around them. When a fear of intimacy or engulfment translates into using people for sex or leading them on emotionally and then casting them aside because one cannot handle deepening emotions or true intimacy, that’s cowardice. When someone is so afraid of losing their family/spouse/SO but don’t have enough courage respect for said person to talk with them before stepping out and fucking other people behind their back, that’s cowardice. When someone is utterly miserable in a relationship and turns to alcohol or drugs to cope instead of communication and counseling, who doesn’t have the courage or respect to either discuss how things could be better or end the relationship so that both parties can move on and possibly find happiness, that’s cowardice. I hope these three examples clear up what I mean when I use the word “coward.”

~ by omgrey on January 18, 2013.

6 Responses to “Reminder of Comment Policy”

  1. Amen.

  2. There should be a blog option for no comments. That is my problem with the whole thing. Many want to spread their misery. Other comments you find offensive, I May not and vice versa. The internet site is public not private, unless you create and pay for your own website. It’s like mean people commenting on youtube in response to my comment! Youre not going to change anyone’s beliefs by arguing with them. By forcing a “comments” section on a public blogger site for the journaler, you open yourself up to nastiness and then have to delete comments you dont like. Waste of time. Life is also too short to engage them or waste time telling them off. Delete block delete.

  3. actually, you can change people’s beliefs by arguing with them. often they argue because they agree with your side but are too full of ego to admit it. making your points may change their mind, and regardless, is a wonderful way to express yourself, solidify your beliefs, find out what does and doesnt work for you, and hopefully influence those who may overhear the argument.

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