Please Send Love

Yesterday, Ethan fell from 30ft into his head while working on a roof. He’s stable and in ICU. He’s cracked his skull in a few places and has a broken pelvis, too. No neck or back injury. He’s having surgery in the morning for his 4 pelvis fractures. He’s been stable for 10 hours as of now, and they tell me the longer he’s stable, the more likely he’ll remain so. We’ve got 14 hours to go before we can breathe a little easier.

He will have to be virtually immobile for 2 months or recovery. I haven’t even begun to think about the cost. No insurance. No income either now

None of that matters yet. The only thing that matters is that he lives. Just please let him live.

Please send him your thoughts, prayers, healing energy, whatever it is you send out. Send love.

Love to you all,

——— -_Q ———

Update 01/20/13 8:22 pm CST

Ethan is out of ICU in a regular room now. He’s sleeping a lot. Surgery went well. The brain bleeds are stable, and the doctors think he’ll make a full recovery. He’ll still be in the hospital for several days, maybe weeks. We’ll know more over the next day or so.

~ by omgrey on January 19, 2013.

11 Responses to “Please Send Love”

  1. Hope he recovers quickly! My thoughts are with him and you all.

  2. Prayers and positive thoughts/energy sent. To both of you.

  3. I hope he is healed soon, sending energy for both of you!

  4. I am not sure who Ethan is, to you. I am assuming this is either a child, or the very very rare man that was evaluated and deemed worthy, in your opinion — someone who is a rarity in this world. If so, my prayers are with you. It’s crucial to udnerstand that since we live in a rape culture and a miso gynist culture, the vast majority of men condone, encourage and pa rticipat e in rape and misogyny, and the less of t hem who survive, the better.

    • Ethan is my husband. The most genuine and loving man I’ve ever known.

      He is disgusted by how his gender behaves. I often tell him that if he’s a man, then most other males are something else. But if you call them men, then Ethan is something else.

      He is one of the rare good ones, through and through. He has stood by me with patience and support unlike that which I thought possible.

      Unlike so many “men” would do, he does not pressure me for sex when I’m still not ready. He assures me that if we never have sex again that it’s okay because our relationship is so much more than that.

      He doesn’t accuse me of “punishing” him for someone else’s mistakes, like so many “men” would.

      He holds me while I cry in the middle of the night when I wake up after dreaming of my rapist or getting triggered.

      He encourages me to rest when I’m feeling overwhelmed.

      He reminds me with such love that when I’m triggered and suicidal that I was dancing just a few hours ago and these horrible feelings will pass again.

      He listens to the same questions over and over again, patiently offering the same answers until my PTSD/trauma bonded brain learns.

      Ethan has shown me for the past 14 years the true meaning of Love.

      Every single day.

  5. Dated a guy for years and never had sexual intercourse with him. It’s possible, but xtremely {like 6%) rare. Did he have sex with others, I Don’t know. Everyone presumed we had sex- that me couldnt possibly have such self-control. That he must be homosexual.That’s most people for u. I personally know couples who had no sex in marriage due to illness. Pray I find such a man. They are out there, but very very rare, yes.

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