“A Kiss in the Rain” & Other Exciting Things

KissRainCvrIt’s February.

I’ve been dreading this month for, well, months. It’s the anniversary of the rapes last year, and the subsequent secondary traumas that lasted another 7 months after that, but I’m doing okay! Even with my husband’s serious accident last month and the tragic, untimely loss of my sweet buddy boy, Oreo, I’m doing remarkably well.

I’ve found peace among the chaos.

January was, indeed, chaos. But then, hasn’t the last three years been? One trauma after another. Just as we pick ourselves up and begin functioning again, we’re slapped back down. So, I suppose, we’ve gotten rather used to it. That, and I’m ruthlessly cutting out anyone and everyone who even breathes as if they will hurt us, seeing as how I keep getting the same lesson over and over again: no matter how little you trust, it’s too much.

The great chaos of January included my novel Avalon Revisited getting republished by Riverdale Ave Books, in both eBook and paperback! Plus, I finished the 85,000-word first draft sequel (of sorts) Avalon Revamped ON TIME (even with the tragic interruptions, because I’m just that awesome). It’s out to beta beta beta readers now, and I’ll be doing revisions in March. It’s dark. Really fucking dark.

I’ve become deeply intimate with darkness, after all.

Additionally, my short story “A Kiss in the Rain,” written in 2011, found two homes at once! It can be found in the February Free For all over at SNM Horror as well as on the Kindle (& other formats) through Riverdale Ave Books. The cover is gorgeous, don’t you think?

Final Word,” written early 2011, finally found its home, too, among the pages of The Rusty Nail, along with my most popular poem “New York Rain.” I also had the great honor of participating in 3,000 Weeks, albeit from afar.

Please find a complete list of my published works, past and scheduled future, on the Published Works page.

4AR_PodcastAvalon Revisited is being made into an AUDIO BOOK! Yippeee!!! I signed the contract last month, and it’s already in production. So, all the posts with the book podcasted have been removed from this site, and the mp3 files have been removed from the server and iTunes in preparation of this new development!

However, the short stories and The Zombies of Mesmer are still available via podcast, as are all the episodes from the Polyamory Podcast of the last two years. I hope to be continuing on with both soon.

This just in! My short story “Twenty Minutes” and my poem “Look Into My Eyes” will both be a part of Sirens Call Publications’ 2013 Women in Horror Month eZine!

My husband is healing remarkably well, too. He’s adapted nicely to the wheelchair, knowing it will be temporary (thankfully), and he’s busy at work on crossbows and other projects in between rests. The head injury wasn’t as bad as we originally thought, and broken bones heal. We’re very grateful.

Although we desperately miss Oreo, he, along with the loss of his sisters Bronte and Star in 2011, left a void in our home and hearts, so we’re adopting a new dog who is as in need of a good home as we are in need of a new buddy boy. His name is Buster, and he’s a boxer. We’ll be picking him up this week. Shadow, the cat, might not be terribly happy about this decision, but I think they will get along well once they know each other.

Now February will no longer represent my rape month. It will be the month my husband thrived even with a major injury, the month we adopted our new son, the month that several of my short stories were published, the month that I finished the second edition of my publishing & marketing book, and, as always, the month my husband proposed back in 2000 and the month of my youngest nephews birthday.

It will be the month we survived against all odds.

~ by omgrey on February 3, 2013.

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