Lesbian SciFi/Fantasy Erotica

Riverdale Avenue Books/Magnus (RAB) is thrilled to be publishing THE CIRCLET TREASURY OF LESBIAN EROTIC SCIENCE FICTION, an outstanding collection of lesbian erotic science fiction and fantasy!

Kindle version $9.99 and book version $19.99

This collection was originally published as two anthologies, WORLDS OF WOMEN and STARS INSIDE HER.

Best-selling author Dorothy Allison said of WORLDS OF WOMEN:

“Circlet Press is where I go to find fresh, authentic women’s writing. Cecilia Tan puts together some of the most honest and genuinely provocative new work [with] erotica science fiction and fantasy. I strongly recommend you check out WORLDS OF WOMEN.”

This new anthology, edited by Cecilia Tan (founder of Circlet Press), showcases the imaginations of women writers as they take their readers to faraway planets and erotic futures while immersing them in sensual fairy tales. These stories are celebrations of sexuality and each unique voice explores what it means to be a woman who loves women.


Cecilia Tan founded Circlet Press in 1992 to publish erotic science fiction and fantasy because no other publisher would. Two decades later both Tan and Circlet are going strong in the world of passionate fiction. Tan is the author of numerous romance novels and books of erotica, and in 2010 was inducted into the Saints & Sinners GLBT Writers Hall of Fame. Circlet Press’s titles have been recipients of multiple Rainbow Awards and NLA Writing Awards, and have been multiple finalists in the Lambda Literary Awards and Independent Publisher Awards.

RAB publisher Lori Perkins says: “We are so pleased to be adding this collection of science fiction and fantasy lesbian stories to the Magnus/RAB list and showcasing the creativity of this genre in the LGBT world. We hope our fans will embrace this wonderful collection!”

Please “like” the book on Amazon & get your own copy today!

If you are a reviewer, please look for the book on NetGalley, or email for a review copy.

~ by omgrey on February 8, 2013.

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