Romantic Games & Rainy Kisses

RomanceReviewsanniv2013The Romance Reviews blog has over 400 authors participating in their Anniversary Celebration! Win FREE BOOKS and even an Amazon Gift Card for playing their fun games, plus, learn about new authors and books for your enjoyment.

They’ve a cover matching game and questions from participating authors designed to let the reader learn more about the author, their websites, and their books.

Today, if you answer my question (#8) over at Romance Reviews, you could win a free copy of Avalon Revisited (eBook from Riverdale Ave Books).



Additionally, I was thrilled a few days back when someone tweeted a new review for “A Kiss in the Rain”!!! The review is by Tracy Riva, and you can read it in full over at her blog.

Here is an excerpt:

What I really liked about this short story was it took a very new angle on erotic romances. It was something which I had never read before, and while I was thrilled with the outcome for the protagonist of the story, I actually felt a little sorrow for the other characters in the book.

I would recommend A Kiss in the Rain for its eroticism, its highly unusual story, its passion.

Read “A Kiss in the Rain” for just $0.99 on your Kindle or Kindle app (available for smart phones & computers).


Other titles available from Amazon:

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