Steampunk Goodies, Personalized

You’ve just ten more days to make your pledge for some great rewards!

Get a personalized short story written by ME, a Steamku (Steampunk Haiku), compilation CDs of your favorite Steampunk musicians, signed posters and prints, VIP services and entries to the best Steampunk parties on the planet, a Steampunk iPod Stereo–custom made for you, a themed photo shoot just for you, personalized short story by Krista Cagg, or your very own private party!

Those are just a few awards waiting for you in exchange for your donation to The Artifice Club Kickstarter. In addition to all those cool things, you get the added benefit of helping an awesome community who’s main mission is to support artists, build community, and have a rip-roaring great time doing it.

Only 10 days remaining, so donate today! Head over there now to watch their great video explaining exactly what they’re doing and why. Meet the fabulous people involved and help these great personalities create a non-profit that benefits artists and patrons, alike!

Even a few dollars helps. Seriously. No amount is too small. Share and spread the word throughout your social networks! Support great artists and great people.

Thank you. -_Q

~ by omgrey on March 27, 2013.

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