Steampunk Spotlight: Twisted Skies with ASI

An exciting new Steampunk RPG Card Game is being developed by Jim Trent and Airship Isabella. Today, YOU can help make this game a reality!


From their Kickstarter description: “Twisted Skies is a fun and exciting card game set in a Steampunk Multiverse.

This project has been a labor of love for multiple Steampunk gamers! The desire for a fun Steampunk themed card game based around the imaginative ideas and concepts of the Steampunk Multiverse! After extensive design and play-testing we are excited to have the support of the nationally recognized Airship Isabella for this project and have based our first exciting set around their characters and adventures! The game is designed for 4-6 players played in a round the table fashion. An average game of Twisted Skies takes an hour and a half. Each basic set of Twisted Skies includes:

160 game cards, Full Instructions, One 6 sided dice.

As the design, artwork, and layout of the game is accomplished this Kickstarter is designed in the hope of having the product printed, boxed and made available to the gaming public at large. Professional grade photography and illustration from some of Steampunk’s most talented rising stars have made for a great looking game. Working with local game stores and distributors we’ll be placing this product in your friendly neighborhood game store!”

They’ve got GREAT rewards like ASI promo cards and posters, copies of the card game, ASI graphic novels, and MORE! Check out their cool videos and graphics explaining more about the game.

TWISTED SKIES — Pledge Today! 

~ by omgrey on April 2, 2013.

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