Avalon Reviewed

Great new review for Avalon Revisited by VampChix at the Bite Club.

Great opening that sets the scene for a world you could only imagine, with airships, bloodletting devices, vampire detectors, and brothels, Avalon Revisited is an erotic alternate history that includes one very spoiled vampire prowling the dance halls of England, preying on the fine ladies of society.

The devil is in the details which in this case made the pacing at the beginning a bit slower than I expected, but once the mystery of murder was brought in and Arthur applied himself to seducing Avalon you appreciated the time spent learning about each character. I would have preferred a less spoiled version of the depraved and cavalier Arthur because at the beginning he came across like the brother he despised, and that made it hard to like him, which I suspect was quite intentional on the author’s part, and his behavior was very true to men of that time period. Eventually Arthur grows on you (it doesn’t take long) and as a reader of paranormal romance I found his transformation in the name of love to be well done, indeed. From about midway on events move rather quickly with a few surprises added to the mix, and although one twist was picked up on rather quickly, I thought the ending was just what I wanted.

I’ll definitely add Avalon Revamped to my reading list!

Thanks VampChix!

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~ by omgrey on April 20, 2013.

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