Redefining Masculinity

Excerpts from “Please Be That Guy! 7 Men Who Are Transforming Masculinity

Lately I’ve been seeing a pattern.  More and more men are standing up to misogyny, to sexual violence, to street harassment, to victim blaming, to rape apologia, to sexism.

Despite the noise created by the idiocy in the Men’s Rights Movement, a tide is shifting.

On every college campus and in every high school where I work, I meet young men who are passionate about creating a different masculinity.

In short, there are men who are acting like this:

Jamie Utt over at Change from Within goes on to spotlight seven amazing men who are speaking out loudly about domestic violence and rape. Darnell Moore, Fivel Rothberg, Kai M. Green, Emiliano Diaz de Leon, Jackson Katz, Jeff Perera, and Carlos Andres Gomez. Read the piece. Watch the inspirational videos. See once and for all that every time I or another feminist or anyone speaks out against men who commit violent acts against women, we are not ever, ever saying “all men are like that.” That’s something others put into our mouths to derail the important conversation.

Whether we’re talking about famous poets or intellectuals or our fathers or classmates, it’s time we start lifting up the brothers who are calling for a different masculinity, a more inclusive masculinity, a more non-violent masculinity.

Take this as a call to action.  Take some time to thank a man who you’ve seen do something, whether big or little, to build a better masculinity.

Read the entire article and watch all the videos at Change from Within.

~ by omgrey on January 8, 2014.

2 Responses to “Redefining Masculinity”

  1. The dark side of this is when a man claims to “be a feminist”. He subscribes to feminist feeds on FB, his dating profile states “I only date feminists” and he is attracted to women of substance and intelligence.


    The reality is that he is the very worst kind of misogynist: the type that gets to let your guard down precisely because he seems so attuned both emotionally and politically with women … and he is .. because he needs to be in order to seduce them, convince them he cares and then discard them .. brutally. One after the other .. woman after woman after woman .. and not one of them see it coming because their rape is that of the mind – they don’t realise that he has accessed their bodies under false pretences of love and caring until it is too. late.

    Beware the predator who uses YOUR politics as a weapon against you.

    I know this man, I was seduced and betrayed by this man, as many others have and will be. He exists. And I am damn certain he is not unique.

    • He is not unique. Many offenders of both emotional and sexual abuse/ violence hide behind “feminism” and other such enlightened or spiritual facades in order to offend. They do exactly that, inspire trust because if their politics or “spirituality.” The victim never sees it coming and her community rarely believes her.

      I’m so sorry this happened to you. 😦
      May you find peace.

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