Tables Turned

Powerful video.

Brilliant, really.

“Oppressed majority” takes place in an alternate reality where women jog half naked and work while the men take care of the kids and endure daily sexual harassment….The short film, in French and directed by Éléonore Pourriat, shows a father taking his kid to kindergarten and going through the rest of his day facing catcalls, sexist remarks, sexual assault, and contempt. (Source)

From the experience on the street to the way the father was treated by the police and his partner…it’s all extremely accurate to how women are treated daily. By flipping the gender to men, we start to see just how damaging such behavior is and the absurdity in putting up with it (and perpetuating it).

Pay attention to what comes up in your thoughts as you watch it. You’ll see how deeply ingrained rape culture truly is in all of us.

May you find peace.

~ by omgrey on February 7, 2014.

6 Responses to “Tables Turned”

  1. Don’t I know the feeling… I grew up in America. Thank God things are (slowly) changing.

  2. It’s kind of strange, but out of the whole thing what really grabbed me about this was the way he walked when he was pushing the stroller. That quick, closed in walk that tries to project “I’m not here, please don’t notice me.” I don’t think I’ve ever seen a man walk that way before, but it’s so normal when a woman does it that I don’t even notice.

    • Exactly. He did a good job.

    • Good point, Jessica… I never thought of this “out loud” but I really did notice it in the way he was walking, pushing the stroller. Just didn’t know how to put it into words. Don’t we all know the feeling! I love the fact that once I hit 50 years old, I became “invisible.” I LOVED IT. I had peace at last, and I only had to wait 50 years. Can you imagine? I’m now 64 and I can hardly remember being harassed on a daily basis, but I will never “forget.” Thank God for age… now I’m waiting for “wisdom!”

  3. Geez, I just read something about that ‘closed in walk’ being a tight psoas muscle and a bodymind deal with whatever distorted beliefs the parent has about genitals, that an infant gets bombarded with during nappy/diaper changing.

    Seriously. Tasmanian transpersonal therapist, Christopher Wynter mentioned this a few years back within the context of a private forum board he was moderating.

  4. This is pretty intense yo

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