Consider a PTSD Claim

A UK Law Firm asked me to post this infographic on PTSD. I am happy to do anything that helps raise awareness of this debilitating disorder and the things that cause it.

PTSD Claims Infographic

[Source Blackwater Law]

Contact Blackwater Law to make a PTSD Claim. I’m considering it, especially since The Steampunk Musician lives in the UK. Especially since he refused to even say a few pretty words to start the accountability by apologizing

I got the NYPD police report, btw; and although it is greatly minimized and inaccurate (no surprise there), it clearly states the rape in black and white. “She said no several times, but he managed to pull her panties aside…”

I won’t go into the details of the assault and 5+ hour ordeal again, since I’ve done so here and in more detail (with greater understanding) here.

No win, no fee with Blackwater Law

From their website:

Deciding to make a claim for compensation can be difficult and emotional. If the military fail to give you the protection and support you need during or following a tour of active duty, you may be entitled to make a claim.  Jason Brady has seen claims for snatch land rover compensation and post-traumatic stress disorder rapidly rise over the last few months.

Jason Brady, partner and an expert in this field advises clients on a wide range of military injury compensation claims including cases relating to:

  • Psychological illness (PTSD)
  • Defective or unsafe equipment, including Snatch Land Rover accidents
  • Exposure to harmful substances, diseases, illness
  • Noise induced hearing loss
  • Accidents during training or on a military base
  • Loss of limbs
  • Head and brain injuries
  • Paralysis

Jason is a senior litigator with APIL (Association of Personal Injury Lawyers).

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder can be an extremely debilitating illness with wide ranging long term implications. Serving in the military is one of the most common causes of PTSD claims, with symptoms commonly including:

  • Becoming irritable towards others
  • Feeling isolated or guilty
  • Insomnia and interrupted sleep
  • Frequently reliving the event
  • Increased feelings of anxiety and/or anxiety attacks

With the complex nature of post-traumatic stress disorder, you may not begin to experience symptoms associated with the condition until many years after the traumatic event. Whether you experience them after a matter of months or some years, you may still be entitled to make a post-traumatic stress disorder compensation claim.

If you would like to talk to Jason or one of his team to chat through your experiences and assess whether you would like to pursue a military accident claim or a post-traumatic stress disorder claim, call us or complete the online contact form and we will get back to you right away.

We offer specialist advice on a no win no fee basis.

Perhaps I’d have a decent case with Blackwater Law, since I still can’t have sex, still can’t write romance, and still live in near-complete isolation…yes, even three years later…

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8 Responses to “Consider a PTSD Claim”

  1. The World is just starting to understand PTSD. Thank you for posting this. We who suffer though it quite often never get over PTSD. We can’t just snap, out of it, we don’t just get over it, pills will not wipe it away but only mitigate the symptoms. For some of us, it keeps us from leading productive lives.

    And the worse thing is, many of us go for years without treatment, even when we are seeing a therapist, because they either do not know how to treat it or are unwilling to deal with it.

    • It’s a lifelong healing process, that’s for sure. I wonder if receiving any justice helps with the healing or just doesn’t make a difference.

      Yes. So many therapists are incompetent when it comes to trauma recovery. Thanks to people Iike Levine & Heller, we’re learning more and more about the nature of trauma and how to heal it.

      May you find peace.

  2. mine is from severe multiple childhood trauma. wouldn’t know who to sue.

    • You’re dealing with Complex PTSD. I’m so sorry to hear. It’s so difficult to deal with so much cumulative trauma.

      May you find peace.

  3. I am all for bringing people to accountability for their actions and their crimes, so I say “yes” to considering a PTSD claim. I am also looking at how on God’s green earth I can begin to heal from my own traumas being 64 years old and have to find a way to HELP MYSELF in the meantime, until “justice is served.” A good friend told me about this today and I’ve been researching it.

    Apparently it can be a mantra you say to YOURSELF; you don’t have to say it to the person who wronged you (thank God for that! as I’m not sure I could) but apparently it brings the “God of Love” into the picture instead of the God of negativity that has been ruling me for too long. And all we have to say is whatever part is appropriate for ourselves and our actions:

    “Thank you, I love you” if we find ourselves full of anger or resentment or whatever. Who do we love? Apparently it is the “Divine” or the “Universe” or whatever Goodness there is in the world. Anyway, I can’t break out of my anger, hurt and resentment so I am willing to try anything, while waiting for the wheels of justice to turn. I will do both. Take actions against those criminals who have caused the trauma and take action for myself to find the goodness inside that is covered up by all the rest. It’s time for a change because I have been making myself sick for far too long. I don’t know how to “let go” and am not sure we should, but we have to replace the negative with the positive and this might be “the Shaman’s Way.”

    Read more, and let me know if it helps! If nothing else, it’s reconciliation with our self, and nobody else. That’s enough for me.'ponopono

    “I am sorry; please forgive me; thank you; I love you”

    The Art of Healing

    the Hawaiian process of Ho’oponopono – has proven to be an especially powerful tool. Ho’oponopono means “to make perfect.” It is an ancient Hawaiian practice of forgiveness and reconciliation. … (more)

    The other mantra that came to me when I woke up from a dream is:

    Heal my mind
    Heal my body
    Heal my relationships
    Gracias, Amen.

    When I say this in my mind, my breathing automatically changes and the panic attack, anxiety or anger is immediately replaced by deep breathing and I calm down and can finally start to sleep. Doesn’t work the same way if I say the words out loud, so it’s quite surprising and somehow magical. I really am feeling my way in the dark here, but we who are survivors have to find a way to handle PTSD and all the rest that has been heaped upon us, and with the help of each other and the Divine, we shall, and we will.

    Gracias, Amen.

    Thanks for your post. Keep up the Good work!

    Hugs, Catherine Todd

  4. So of course there’s another side to the story of this “ancient Hawaiian practice” in an Amazon review, which makes a lot of sense to me. One review says this book is to be avoided as it is full of errors.

    Zero Limits: The Secret Hawaiian System for Wealth, Health, Peace, and More:

    But this book is highly recommended:

    Ho’oponopono: The Hawaiian Forgiveness Ritual as the Key to Your Life’s Fulfillment Paperback – September 1, 2012
    by Ulrich E. Duprée (Author)

    So I say “go for it” (your legal claim) and find a mantra / poem / prayer that works for you to invite the good in and the bad out. Let us know how it all turns out (I’m sure you will!). Writing is our saving grace, isn’t it?

  5. I have been married 23 years 3 years ago I found out my husband is narcissistic sex addict I have been diagnosed with emotional abuse PTSD I want to suite my husband for emotional abuse what do I need to do this has been the worst time in my life nothing means anything to me I am depressed can’t sleep out burst uncontrollable crying I am in therapy do I need to hire a lawyer because emotionally I can’t do this I just want to die at times but my love for God keeps me fighting for my life to heal someday sincerely Barbara I live in Florida delray beach 33445 do you know any lawyers

    • OMG. I am so sorry. What a horrific tale. You definitely have PTSD, and I’m glad to hear you are in therapy. Unfortunately, I don’t know any lawyers.

      Also, I’m so sorry it took me this long to answer. Something went wrong with WordPress, and I wasn’t being notified of new comments.

      May you find peace.

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