Poem: The Moment You Smiled

The moment you smiled
The moment you laughed
The moment your sparkling eyes fixed on me
The moment you spoke
The moment you sighed
That was the moment my soul was set free

The curve of your neck
The shape of your lips
The way that you tilt your head when you speak
The tone of your voice
The depth of your mind
The way that the raindrops fell on your cheek

The light in your eyes
Your manner so kind
The way you strode in a casual gait
Your brilliance, your skill
Your messy fine hair
Your adorable smile sealed my fate

Though we’ll never touch
Though we’ll never kiss
Though I’ll never feel your skin against mine
Your heart isn’t free
There’s no room for me
I truly accept we won’t cross that line

Despite the hard facts
It still remains true:
I’ll never forget those moments with you
So I will pull back
I’ll leave you alone
But that spark of love revived me anew

I won’t stay in touch
Not even as friends
Before it begins I know it must end
Whatever it means
Whatever it costs
The moment you smiled, my heart was lost.


~ by omgrey on February 18, 2016.

7 Responses to “Poem: The Moment You Smiled”

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