Short Story: A New Year Reunion (Explicit)


<explicit, adult short story of a fantasy reunion between two long, lost lovers>

As the snow fell gently outside, her mind wandered from her knitting to somewhere decades ago. A boy. A girl. Standing on a street in a small Texas town. The boy professes his love to her and offers to stay even though his mother is moving away, if she could only love him too.

The foolish young girl, googly-eyed at some narcissistic drummer, turned this courageous young man down. The next day, the boy moved away. Much to the young girl’s surprise, her heart broke. She did love him after all, but he was gone and she had no way to reach him. No cell phone or Facebook or SnapChat back in the early 80s, just the deafening silence of a lost love, intermittently interrupted by the faint crackle of a breaking heart.

Over the years she looked for him to no avail. She knew his name. She knew he moved back to Oregon, but she knew nothing else.

“Can’t you just do a statewide search?” the girl said to Oregon Directory Assistance. “Alex Donovan, please?”

“We can try, ma’am.” Clickety-clicks filled the dead air over the phone as the operator typed in this name. “There is no Alex or Alexander Donovan listed. Can I help you with something else?”

“No. That’s all,” the girl said while a tear formed in her eye.

Each summer she performed the same search for ten more years, but it never produced results. Then the internet came in the mid-nineties and the girl took her search online. First through AOL, contacting anyone with that name. Then it was AskJeeves, MySpace, and finally Facebook. Another ten years of fruitless searching passed.

By this time she was happily married, and she began to forget that sweet boy on the street in that small Texas town. She stopped looking for him and lived her life, pushing the regret of lost love deep down into her heart.

Life happened, as it does. Another 10 years passed. Hopes. Failures. Injuries. Insurmountable traumas and debilitating pain. Her career fell apart. Her marriage fell apart. She was alone, traveling from place to place searching for herself, searching for peace, searching for a glimmer of hope that would lead her back to love. After 18 months of exploring the UK, Europe, and especially herself, she was content alone. Although she was open to the possibility of romance, she wasn’t seeking it. She enjoyed her own company, and she found joy and beauty in life between the tears and loneliness. It was a good life. It was a peaceful life.

Then one cold December evening while she sat knitting a Christmas Gift for her mother while watching Netflix in a little town called Frostburg, Maryland, the boy came to mind.

“Alex,” Charlotte whispered into the night, and that long-buried spark of love twinkled deep within her heart. After a few hours of internet research, she found his Facebook page: Alexander J. Donovan. Moments later they were texting, for hours.

Memories poured in. Hope blossomed, as well as a tiny kernel of romance. Over the next two weeks, they got closer and closer. Sharing stories, hopes, dreams, fears, sadness, traumas, and joys. They were falling in love. They both had had a rough few years-well seven, really-so they could empathize with the other and be genuine. No need for games or pretense. Just Alex. Just Charlotte. Finally reunited.

As with any new relationship, there were a few hiccups along the way, but they got past them because their deep affection for each other was far more important than a few misunderstandings. After all, it’s part of learning about each other.

After three weeks of exchanging videos, text messages, and emails from afar, Charlotte was headed to Eugene for a face-to-face reunion. She was excited and nervous all at the same time, but the moment she looked into Alex’s eyes, his gentle kindness put her at ease. Marveling at each other at first, not even daring to touch, they drank the other in.

Alex reached out and took her hand, just as he had wanted to do 32 years ago. It felt warm in hers. He pulled her close and embraced her, hugging her tightly, and she him. Charlotte’s heart felt full, complete. It was where she belonged, in his arms, and she couldn’t imagine being anywhere else ever again.

When he finally pulled away, she touched his cheek and said, “I can’t believe I found you.”

Although they ordered their coffee and started chatting, from that moment on, as long as they were in close proximity, they were touching. Hands, arms, legs. . . while walking, driving, talking. They couldn’t keep their hands off the other.

loversThey ended their lovely reunion day at his place to watch a movie. Charlotte couldn’t follow the plot because all she felt was his arm around her and his body oh so close. Finally, somewhere after an hour into the film, she tilted her head up to his, reached up, and kissed his full lips. Tenderly at first, barely brushing them with hers, but the next kiss locked their lips tightly together. Without pulling away from the taste of Alex’s delicious mouth, Charlotte shifted her position to straddle him.

The movie played on in the background.

From his lips, she moved to softly kiss his cheek, then onto his earlobe, which she gently sucked into her mouth, teasing it with her tongue. One hand ran down his chest while the other grasped his hand tightly. She would explore every inch of him before the night was through. Her lips worked down the side of his neck and onto his collar bone, leaving a moist trail of tiny kisses in their wake, before finding the fullness of his eager lips waiting for a kiss of their own.

Alex helped Charlotte remove her shirt and then his own. Flesh pressed to flesh, they embraced, as she ran her fingers through his hair, and he trailed his down her back. By shifting the angle of her hips slightly, she could tell he was ready for her, as ready as she was for him.

She arched her back so Alex could twirl his tongue around each of her erect nipples as he cupped her breasts. The urgency was already building inside of her, and she felt as if she might climax at any moment, just from the excitement of his touch, his lips.

So as not to drench them both, she pulled away and lowered herself down between Alex’s legs, trailing her hand down his chest until she reached his jeans. Never breaking eye contact, she opened the button and unzipped his zipper. He helped her pull them over his hips, freeing his gorgeous cock. Then, she could look at nothing else. She took his erection in her hands and licked slowly up along the underside, swirling her tongue around the tip before plunging her warm mouth over it, taking all of him inside her. Her hands followed her lips as she moved up and down his engorged shaft, feeling his excitement mounting with each new pass, but it was not time yet.

She stood and slid her own jeans over her hips revealing her most sensitive part to him. As she straddled him once again, he slid a finger inside of her wetness and he kissed her tenderly.

“Do you want this?” He asked.

“I most certainly do,” she whispered in his ear. “Do you?”


No more words were necessary.

He guided himself into her, and at last they were one. 32 years in the making, and they finally found their union. She moved rhythmically, grinding her hips in tiny circles while she looked into his eyes until her vision blurred with her own orgasm. She cried out, clutching Alex’s head to her breasts as she continued to ride him, drenching him with her nectar in wave after wave of pleasure. Alex’s hands guided her hips to move in the rhythm he needed, and before long he joined her cries of ecstasy.

Spent, they collapsed in each other’s arms, bodies still entwined, looking into the other’s eyes until their breaths slowed.

“I love you,” Alex said.

“And I love you, Alex Donovan. I always have.”



~ by omgrey on December 31, 2016.

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