Poem: For Just A Few Moments


For just a few moments
I captured your heart
A sweet, brief reunion
After decades apart

For just a few moments
We talked through the night
Sharing stories and thoughts
Of both darkness and light

For just a few moments
Our souls intertwined
Our hearts dared to hope
And joy filled our minds

For just a few moments
I let down my shield
You let yours down, too

For just a few moments
I thought it was real

My sweetheart, my darling
My muskrat, my dove
Your sweet gentle kindness
Grew quickly to love

You coaxed me to fall
Right alongside you
For just a few moments
It surely felt true

My battered heart so scared
To go too far in haste
But, after thirty years
Time we shouldn’t waste

For just a few moments
You made me believe
In love and hope and joy

For just a few moments
You made me believe
In you. In me. In us.

Then I watched you leave

An instant, a breath
The blink of an eye
Silence. Discarded.
You left me to cry.

I tried to reach out.
I tried to amend.
You shut down completely.
No lover, no friend.

I don’t understand.
I racked my brain ‘why?’
No reason. No cause.
I can’t say goodbye.

After searching so long
After finding you now
I can’t let you go
Please, tell me how.

For just a few moments
I laid myself bare
A future of hope
Adventures to share

For just a few moments
I had this nice dream
Where I sure loved you
And you sure loved me

For just a few moments
I believed in it all.
A foolish young schoolgirl.
Nothing more, after all.

~ by omgrey on January 2, 2017.

4 Responses to “Poem: For Just A Few Moments”

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