Hello everyone. It’s been nearly three years since I killed off O. M. Grey, but I will be posting on this site again. For the past few years I’ve been writing on my personal blog, but the need to find new employment has made it impossible to vent, process, and write about such highly personal things on there anymore.

Although this is the first day I returned to write on this site, I will populate this blog with articles from my personal site and set them on the day they were originally posted. Some posts will appear on both blogs. Sometimes I will refer to myself here using my real name rather than Olivia (O. M.) Grey, but I’m sure you’re all smart enough to follow along.

The Grey Ghost has returned, and she’s got a lot to say.

~ by omgrey on February 14, 2017.

5 Responses to “Resurrected.”

  1. Welcome back, Beloved Author. I can only hope to give you a warm literary hug as I no longer wear my armor or tilt at windmills. Too old to play the knight, too many scars both inside and out. But I still will not tolerate the injustices I see. I will not mention some of them, as we both know them all too well, but the list has expanded. Leave it to say that While I cannot slay every dragon out there, I do my best. I moved partly onto feeding the poor, helping the homeless and giving emeotional support to those I can.

    I still love you for all the reasons I stated before. A simple adoration that requires no response from you. Just shine like the dark star you are and I am happy.

    • Beloved Count! How very wonderful to hear from you.

      The list forever expands, doesn’t it? My lance is also too heavy to lift anymore, but I still speak out and help individuals recover with validating compassion.

      I still love you as well, and I’m thrilled beyond measure to hear from you.

      This dark star will indeed shine until the day life shows me the kindness of ending.

      May you find peace.

      • Peace is hard to find. I will settle for bouts of contentment.

        TO Quote Al Yankovic; “There is plenty of time to be low key when you are laid out on the slab. I’ll be mellow when i am dead.”

  2. Welcome back, thanks for the content you provided, I loved every articles you did.

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