Short Story: A New Year Reunion (Explicit)

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<explicit, adult short story of a fantasy reunion between two long, lost lovers>

As the snow fell gently outside, her mind wandered from her knitting to somewhere decades ago. A boy. A girl. Standing on a street in a small Texas town. The boy professes his love to her and offers to stay even though his mother is moving away, if she could only love him too.

The foolish young girl, googly-eyed at some narcissistic drummer, turned this courageous young man down. The next day, the boy moved away. Much to the young girl’s surprise, her heart broke. She did love him after all, but he was gone and she had no way to reach him. No cell phone or Facebook or SnapChat back in the early 80s, just the deafening silence of a lost love, intermittently interrupted by the faint crackle of a breaking heart. Continue reading ‘Short Story: A New Year Reunion (Explicit)’


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Helm Crag in Grasmere

Helm Crag in Grasmere

F*CK FEELINGS, by Michael Bennet & Sarah Bennet, might’ve been the best purchase I’ve made all year. The book’s premise falls somewhere between Nihilism and Buddhism, which is exactly where I fall, so it speaks to me. It’s about “managing expectations, accepting limitations, and wrangling Assholes,” and it’s done in a very frank and often hilarious way (314).

It does use fuck a lot, but that word doesn’t bother me at all. Sometimes FUCK is the best, most expressive, appropriate word one can use. In this book, it is used well. It’s a book about “letting go” without using that tired, old, annoying, oh-so-spiritual phrase. Better than “letting go” is learning not to give a flying fuck. It’s freedom. As someone who frequently utters the word fuck, I reject the notion that only unintelligent or inarticulate people use profanity. I adhere to the concept that people who use profanity are more honest.
Continue reading ‘F*CK FEELINGS’

Well, Hello Me!

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Freedom! Joy! Beauty! Laughter! There I am! I’m living again!

After a ridiculously stressful time, I’ve once again found peace and joy in my own company. When my anxiety reaches dangerous heights, when I’m crying every morning, when I’m self-medicating just to make it through the day, I should know something is off; however, when I’m engulfed in the darkness or in crisis, I don’t see my situation clearly because I’m in survival mode and everything is distorted by those dark glasses. Continue reading ‘Well, Hello Me!’

My Stories. My Choice.

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My stories. My emotions. My blog. My life. My choice.

Try to silence me and watch how very loudly and clearly I will speak.

I will never, ever be silent again.

Poem: My Dangerous Heart

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Beware! Oh, beware!
My dangerous heart
Its treachery knows no boundary
Forever alone
Forever apart
It killed the love that had found me.

True interest remains
As long as you stay
Far, far and away from it
For when you get close
It swallows you whole
Trapped in its cavernous pit.

Impressive and smart
Romantic and real
It’s bright and light and true
But beware! Beware!
My dangerous heart
If my eye doth fall on you.

For then you shall see
My dangerous heart
Will clutch you within its vice
I’m telling you now
To please stay away
You interest’s not worth the price.

Like the siren’s song
It pulls you along
Promising beauty and trust
But beware! Beware!
My dangerous heart
Will squeeze you until you’re dust.

So please heed my words
And run for the hills
Please save yourself while you can
My dangerous heart
Will tear you apart
Though love is its only plan.

So sad and alone
It yearns to be known
And really does try its best
But soon will be clear
My dangerous heart
Will destroy you like the rest.

It’s something so dark
So damaged and bruised
An emotional black hole
Thus beware! Beware!
My dangerous heart
Or it will consume your soul.


You Say You Want to Talk to Me

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Over the past few of months I met someone for whom I felt a considerable amount of emotion. Love, actually. My readers know him as Mr. Impossible. As you read in the poem I wrote about him “The Moment You Smiled,” I hadn’t planned to stay in touch as friends, but he reached out to me wanting to know more, curious about me, my past, my work.

We started to become friends, and you can imagine I was overjoyed because I felt so much for him already. He was brilliant and kind, funny and real. He had the ability to own his shit and mistakes and apologize. He was honest and trying to be more open, something difficult for him. Above all, he was genuine. Genuine in his words, his actions, and his affection for me.

At first. Continue reading ‘You Say You Want to Talk to Me’

Old Patterns, New Perspectives

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After an emotionally draining week, the details of which I won’t go into here, things are looking up! A few days off gave me some great perspective, and I’m seeing clearly now. I’m riding my own white horse.

Despite the amount of work we do on ourselves to break free of old patterns and socialization, we still fall into those deeply carved grooves, and it takes some doing to crawl back out of them.

Well, I’ve crawled out and feel the sweet rain on my face.  Continue reading ‘Old Patterns, New Perspectives’