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Of Æther and Æon” Also published in Steampunk Adventures (June/July 2011) and Gearhearts #3, Summer 2012
A Tall Order
Final WordPublished in The Rusty Nail, January 2013.
Missed Connections
Dust on the Davenport(Podcast. Written for the Ministry of Peculiar Occurrences’s Tales from the Archive podcast anthology.) Now available on Kindle, too.
The Tragic Tale of Doctor Fausset” Published by Nevermet Press in Stories in the Ether, November 2011.
Hannah & Gabriel
Twenty MinutesPublished in the July 2011 Issue of SNM Horror Magazine, 2nd Place
Three’s A Crowd

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You Belong in the Darkness with Me
All I See is Your Absence
If I Had Known… Published in Long Story Short, February 2012
I Saw the Glow of Sunrise
Oh Endless Night
Behind the Carousel
New York Rain  Published in BarNoneGroup, September 2011. Hall of Fame 2011-2012. The Rusty Nail, Jan 2013.
Oh, That’s Right
Look Into My Eyes   Published in SNM Horror Mag, August 2012
My Heart Still Wants to Believe, read on video by poet for Confabule 2013.
A Moment of Courage


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PTSD from Emotional Abuse
Pathology of the Commitmentphobe
Breaking the Betrayal Bond
Emotional & Sexual Predators

Polyamory as an Alternative to Infidelity
Dispelling 5 Myths of Polyamory
Talking to Your SO About Polyamory
The Morality of Love and Sex
People Who Hide Behind “Poly”
Successful Polyamory, or Poly vs. Amory
Positively Sex Positive
Courage, Integrity, & After-Care Respect

When Love Becomes Toxic
Healing Your Relationship
Healing Yourself
Writing for Survival
Suicidal Tendencies
Rewarding Misogyny
The Problem with Self-Awareness

The R Word
A Fate Worse Than Death
Falsely Accused
Exposing Predditors
Clarity and Consent
A Fan Letter from a Rapist

Drink the Kool-Aid
The Power of Responsibility
Responsible Community Response
Ethical Responsibility
Ethical Responsibility: STI Edition
Pathological Passion

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