Book Review by @R0ckcandy

Last week I was pleasantly surprised when @r0ckcandy tweeted a link to a book review of Avalon Revisited.

Even better than an unexpected book review is a great unexpected book review!

Here is an excerpt:

“I thoroughly got a kick out of reading this book. It was a straight forward read told in the first person without any unnecessary rambling from Arthur. He’s a believable vampire who comes from a royal bloodline who wanders around the city during the day when the sun is low and has a healthy appetite for blood and debauchery in the evening. And he does not “sparkle.” There is (what I think is) an ample amount of sexy, steamy intimate encounters in the book but not the overdone, over the top kind. Quite tastefully done.”

Read the entire review here.

Additionally, it looks as though I’ll be making a few appearances on some blogs right around the release date of the paperback. There will be steampunk prizes & free books involved. More details as they firm up.

Until then, keep your fingers crossed for me. I really want to win the STEAMED! Steampunk Ensemble Contest! They’re announcing the winner this week!

~ by omgrey on April 12, 2010.

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