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20140801-144239-52959577.jpgO. M. Grey is dead.

Well. Not really.

Okay. I admit. That was a little overdramatic, but then…consider the source.

The woman behind O. M. Grey is very alive, indeed, but this post officially marks the end of actively promoting and engaging under this pen name. It’s not a decision I make lightly. I’ve been vacillating over this for a few months now, for the following reasons herein, but it’s finally time to execute OMG and make her “The Grey Ghost” for real.

Two weeks ago, before traveling to London, I sat in my local Starbucks enjoying my frothy mocha just before a job interview. “Maybe I’m Amazed” came on over the speakers, and my heart stopped. I haven’t heard that song in years, it seems, and McCartney’s incredible voice shot straight into my soul.

Passion entered my ears as the velvety bittersweet taste of the mocha washed over my tongue. At that moment, I took Vonnegut’s advice and said to myself: “If this isn’t nice, I don’t know what is.”

Then tears wet my eyes because I knew it marked the end of O. M. Grey. Finally. At long last.

Perhaps far too late, but it’s now over.

As I sat and listened to this song that has moved me every time I’ve heard it for the past 30 years, I felt that lingering desire to create words that would touch people in such a way.

Two documentaries, eleven books, dozens of stories and poems, scores of paintings and crocheted goodies, and hundreds of blog posts…struggling to be seen, to be read, to be heard…to be valued…

For the past decade-plus, I’ve given it my all, even through devastating assaults and crippling aftermath, I’ve plugged along the best I could.

The time has come, however, to give up…at least give up on the Steampunk Community, and by extension, O. M. Grey. I lost far too much momentum after The Musician’s assault. Afterward, I was devastated to the brink of death by The Rapist. I’ve since become (barely) known for my writings on abuse, assault, and recovery. All of which you can read about through the pages of this blog and the links herein.

I don’t have the energy or desire to start over again.

Besides, I’m weary of producing content so very few read. Although I’m eternally grateful for those who have supported me and my work–every single individual–there aren’t enough of you to pay the bills, especially since this blog gets hundreds of hits a day, but none go on to buy any of my books. I’m tired of struggling to keep my head above water. I’m tired of trying to warn a community against a sexual predator who they continue to reward and celebrate.

I’m done. I’m leaving Steampunk, perhaps even fandom as a whole. I’ve little interest in writing anymore, as I have nothing new to say that I haven’t said over and over again. When I do have something to say in the future, it will be under my real name: Christine Rose. I might have another book in me, perhaps more short stories or poetry…time will tell. If you’re interested in those things, be sure to follow Christine Rose through the links to follow.

I’ve a few existing obligations as O. M. Grey which I will happily fulfill, but after that, I’ll be going down a completely new path. Rest assured, if the handful of Steampunk event organizers or any other geek culture event that doesn’t support The Musician or other rapists want to bring me in as a guest to speak on Sexual Violence, Community Response, or Writing & Publishing, I will happily appear and speak with fervor and conviction, but I won’t hold my breath. Since I won’t be actively promoting O. M. Grey anymore, I’m guessing I will be quickly forgotten in those circles, if I haven’t already been.

Ultimately, this persona is no longer liberating or cathartic for me; it now feels like a toxic, painful prison. It’s served its evolving purpose, and now I’d very much like to be rid of the burden.

Please do not mistake this for me being silenced. I will never be silent again. I just won’t be speaking through this blog or under the moniker Olivia Grey anymore.

I’ll leave this blog up, as it’s helped hundreds of people feel less alone, and continues to do so. Scores have written to me over the years for advice or just to be heard, and we’ve helped and validated each other. I’m grateful to them, and I encourage any new readers to reach out. I will still be here for you as long as there is breath inside me, and I will continue to answer every single (respectful) comment.

It’s become painfully (or perhaps liberatingly) undeniable that fandom isn’t interested in what I have to say, either in fiction or in reality. They’re not interested in my stories, not even on a mid-scale, let alone a large one. That goes for both personas, actually.

Those readers who have found solace or joy in my work, I thank you with all that I am, and I encourage you to keep reading. I have produced so much, and it’s mostly all out there now. The few stories/poems that aren’t will show up on Kindle sooner or later. Keep an eye out for that.

New and existing readers, please find links to my fiction in the right sidebar. The page links to the right will take you to more information about who O. M. Grey is/was, her publications, and more work. Among those links you can also find my Amazon Author Page under O. M. Grey. Look at the most popular posts and follow specific tag words or categories (all linked on the right) to get started on navigating you way around the blog. Even an O. M. Grey walking tour of London map and old podcasts full of pain, hope, love, desire, and fiction…all waiting to be discovered….all linked in the right sidebar. Explore. Learn. Enjoy.

I also encourage you to reach out if you’d like. Several readers have become cherished friends. I welcome more. If you’re interested in continuing to read my words and hear my voice, I urge you to follow me under my real name, Christine Rose, on Twitter (@christinerose), on Facebook, and through my other blog: I’ve neglected it since so much was going into this one, so I’m consolidating.

Undoubtedly I will still write about Rape Culture and other such topics, but to a greatly diminished degree. Anything along those lines will likely show up on The Order of the White Feather blog, and quite possibly on the blog above. There, I might write about travel or alternative health or feminism or who knows what else, but it will all be published through Christine Rose from now on. I might even re-release my O. M. Grey books & short stories under CR as well. Yet to be seen. Until then, I encourage you to follow the above two blogs and connect with me on other networks under Christine Rose. The OMG Facebook page will be deleted as soon as I can figure out how to do it without my laptop. I’ve already said my farewells there, and @omgrey on Twitter will soon follow.

Until we meet again, may you find peace. This is The Grey Ghost signing off.



Consider a PTSD Claim

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A UK Law Firm asked me to post this infographic on PTSD. I am happy to do anything that helps raise awareness of this debilitating disorder and the things that cause it.
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Young Men, Sex, and Urge Ownership (And Why It’s Not The Girl’s Problem)

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I love this article. It’s a must-read for all.

john pavlovitz

Young men, I need to tell you something; something that maybe your fathers, or your coaches, or your uncles, or your buddies never told you, but something that you really need to hear.

Your sex drive? It’s your problem.

I know you’ve been led to believe that it’s the girl’s fault; the way she dresses, the shape of her body, her flirtatious nature, her mixed messages.

I know you’ve grown-up reading and hearing that since guys are really “visual”, that the ladies need to manage all of that by covering-up and keeping it hidden; that they need to drive this whole physical relationship deal, because we’re not capable.

That’s a load of crap.

You and me, we are visual.
We do love the shape of women’s bodies.
We are tempted and aroused by their physicality.

And all of that, is on us, not on them.

You see, we actually live…

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Ukiah Corner Gallery Art Show

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Edgar & Me

Edgar & Me

For the entire month of July, my visual art and books will be on display in the front window at the Ukiah Corner Gallery under the name of my alter-ego, Christine Rose. I’m ever so excited about this! It’s the first time in my life that my visual art has been on display in public.

There will be a reception for this month’s featured artists, me and one other artist, during the town’s “First Friday” celebration, which actually occurs on the second Friday this month because of Independence Day.

July 11, 2014. 5pm – 8pm.

So far, the response to my work has been overwhelmingly positive. While completing several of the pieces, I’d post them on my Facebook page in progressive images. From the background through the finished work, followers and friends got to see the painting transform in stages.

Due to the great response, I’ll be offering prints to several of the pieces. All of my available art is listed in this public photo album on Facebook, and it will soon be on art sites like Fine Art America and our Etsy page. In this Facebook photo album, examine each piece of art more closely along with its description, medium, and price for the original.

UCG1I’m accepting commissions at the moment, too. Email me if you’d like to see my rendition of your favorite author or musician…or even a cityscape or landscape.

See these paintings close-up in my Facebook photo album entitled Original Art & Prints. Leave a comment here or there and let me know your thoughts! Email or message me directly if you’re interested in a print, and I’ll get a quote to you ASAP. I’m working with photographer and founding member of the Ukiah Corner Gallery Elliot Little to get high quality prints made for those who are interested.

If you’re in northern California, stop on by the Corner Art Galley during the month of July and see them for yourself! Remember, the opening reception is July 11th between 5 and 8pm. Although I will unfortunately be at another scheduled event in Colorado (busy! busy! busy!) during the reception on the 11th, there will be plenty of other artists to speak with.

Summer Solstice #ARBLAST 50% Off Sale!

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New Print Cover 4 WebRiverdale Ave Books, the publisher of my novel Avalon Revisited and my short stories “A Kiss in the Rain” and “For the Love of a Book,” are participating in All Romance eBooks 50% Summer Solstice Sale.

For 24 hours, you can get my (five-flamed) Steamy Steampunk romance Avalon Revisited for must $2.99 at All Romance eBooks!

Also available at this great #ARBLAST discount is my Gothic Victorian short story “A Kiss in the Rain” for only $0.50 and Riverdale’s benefit anthology, We Love NY, the only place you can read my short story “For the Love of a Book,” for just $3.49.

But hurry! This offer is only good through today in this HOT HOT HOT Summer Solstice Special!

Magnificent Maleficent, An Analysis

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GreyGhostIn the Spring of 2011, author Tee Morris gifted me a few things. First, he asked me to write a short story for Tales of the Archives, Vol. 1, “Dust on the Davenport,” which went on to win the Steampunk Chronicle’s Readers’ Choice Award for Best Short Fiction in 2012; and second, he gave me a name for the “M” (and this really cool trading card of me, left).

I chose the pen name O. M. Grey as a feminine version of my husband’s long-lost brother’s adopted name: Oliver Grey. I knew Olivia would be for the O., but I really didn’t have a name for the M. My legal middle name is Marie, so that could be it, but the “M.” was really because the initials OMG were just too fun to pass up.

Enter Mr. Morris. During (what turned out to just be the very beginning of) a difficult period in my life, he pulled me out of a highly traumatized state (in the wake of the assault by The Writer) and got me back on my writerly feet again. Through his friendship and kindness, I had a project. I had a goal. I regained focus and was able to move forward in my healing and in my career. He also added to my Steampunk Persona by dubbing me Olivia Maleficent Grey, The Grey Ghost and Captain of the I.A.S. Blythe Spirit (a known Ministry associate). Unfortunately, since the second assault (by The Steampunk Musician) occurred just a few weeks later, I never took these gifts where they could’ve gone. The lost opportunities and damage to my career are far too painful to think about for very long. Continue reading ‘Magnificent Maleficent, An Analysis’

Hmmmm…Would I Accept an Apology? (A Rant)

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20140605-181905-65945829.jpgYesterday, a colleague and friend asked me if I’d accept an apology from The Steampunk Musician (TSM) who chose to sexually assault me three years ago before wooing me into love, which helped me minimize the assault because “he really cared,” only to subsequently discard me when it all become too “real” and inconvenient for him.

I couldn’t put it more succinctly than another friend did:

I can’t even imagine how [he] or anyone could apologize sincerely…”I’m sorry I nearly ruined your life and caused permanent trauma to you and your career?”


The rest of this rant isn’t nearly as brief.

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