Steampunk Spotlight: Discovering Aberration

The following is a guest post by S.C. Barrus:


20130810-162757.jpg“What on earth is he doing?” I asked, curious and horrified at once. “Has he gone mad?”

I peered back through the spyglass and watched only for a moment before I recoiled in horror. Hands hooked like the claws of a raptor, he burrowed them into the flesh of his arms.

In a world where discoveries are the quickest road to fame, fortune and prestige, things quickly go awry for Freddy and Lumpen. A violent army of gangs, mercenaries, scuttlers, scarlets and worst of all, archaeologists catch wind of the discovery, and are determined to stop at nothing to make it their own.

The Story…

Discovering Aberration is a full-length adventure novel following Freddy Fitzgerald, a well known Victorian era travel writer. When his friend, archaeologist Thaddeus Lumpen, presents “the discovery of a lifetime”, an ancient map of a long lost civilization, Freddy knows this is the next story he’s been looking for.

Drawing inspiration from classic adventure/sci-fi ala Jules Verne and Robert Louis Stevenson, Discovering Aberration adds thrilling twists, back stabbing turns, a taught sense of peril, and a dash of steampunk to concoct this adventure.

When Freddy and Lumpen reach a mysterious island, they quickly find that the violent gangs on their tail aren’t their greatest danger. Something has warped the island over hundreds of years, and one by one it sends each of them into fits of madness.

What makes it stand out from the pack of steampunk novels?

Where most steampunk novels are littered with devices and inventions of all sorts, the world of Discovering Aberration is a world of mounting progress where complex steampunk technology isn’t yet established. Instead, Discovering Aberration uses the steampunk setting as a license to break from reality while maintaining the feel of classic adventure and sci-fi. The overall feeling captures the essence of a dark Jules Verne novel.

Why should you back Discovering Aberration?

Editing is an essential step in preparing a novel for publication. If my unpolished story were a piece of coal, editing would be the pressure that turns it into a diamond. Where editing polishes the meat of the story, design presents it in such a way that a reader feels compelled to read the first page. These two elements are specialized skills, one which even the most talented of writers cannot do on their own. For this reason we are building a team of professionals to whose combined skills can create a work of art. And your support will make this possible.

In return, you’ll receive a beautifully designed copy of Discovering Aberration before it’s released to the general public, as well as exclusive behind the scenes insights into the production process and access to the beta read. In short, you’ll become a very real part of the Discovering Aberration team, directly affecting the future of this novel in a tangible way.

20130810-162804.jpgWho is S.C. Barrus?

I’m a writer who’s been working the last two and a half years building the world of this project. I’m passionate about classic adventure literature, especially the works of Verne, Robert Louis Stevenson and Jonathan Swift, which served as major inspiration for Discovering Aberration.

After majoring in creative writing at the University of Washington, I went on to publish short stories and essays in Bricolage Magazine, Manila Envelope, and more, including my self published short story Midway Between Heaven and Hell</em>.

Literature isn’t my only passion, I love nerdy things like cartoons, video games and Kung Fu movies. In my spare time I love hanging out with my wife and 9 month old son, and try to squeeze in some hiking, rock climbing, muay thai, and boxing when the rare free moment arises.

Clocking in at just over 220,000 words (roughly 400 pages), Discovering Aberration is currently seeking adventures like you to visit our Kickstarter project to pledge your support and fund professional editing and design.

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