Poem: I Pretend You’re Watching Me


I pretend you’re watching me,
While I clean the store at night,
While I sweep the floor.
I sway my hips for your delight
Pretend you beg for more.
I pretend you’re watching me,
Watching every move.
I pretend you long for me
The way I long for you.

I pretend you talk to me
And whisper secretly
Everything your heart desires
Your fears, your hopes, your dreams
Confide in me
Reside in me
Bear your soul to me
I become your confidante,
The one who holds your truth.
I pretend you talk to me
The way I talk to you

I pretend you’re touching me
When we meet at last
For a coffee late at night
When the day has passed.
First our knees find their way,
Then our hands do meet.
A rush of heat to our hearts
Then our lips to cheek;
I pretend you’re touching me
Touching me.
Tittilating taboo.
I pretend you’re touching me,
And I am touching you.

I pretend you’re watching me.
Secretly, tenderly watching me.
Waiting, wondering, wishing…

But it is not reality,
This fantasy of mine.
I know the time draws ever near,
The time to say goodbye.

And yet, tonight, I’ll still have hope
That you’ll be watching me.
I’ll sweep the floor and sway my hips,
Look into the night and see,
Beyond the glass, in the dark,
You secretly watching me.

~ by omgrey on November 24, 2013.

4 Responses to “Poem: I Pretend You’re Watching Me”

  1. Bravo!

  2. This is a haunting and sweetly touching piece. The heroine of this story is gracefully whirling through my mind searching for her lover as she waltzes through the end of her day and the beginning of her life. Wonderful 🙂

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