AnomalyCon 2014: Time’s Running Out!!

20140307-200136.jpgLater this month, I’ll be appearing at AnomalyCon in Denver, CO. This will be my first convention appearance in nearly two years! I’m so excited to return to AnomalyCon this year…and with TWO new titles!

Not only will I be on some great panels (see the programming guide here), but I will also be hosting the Tea Party on Sunday afternoon. I’ll be reading a new short story and running a game of charades. All this, AND you get to hear a special performance by the fabulous Unwoman.

Saturday, March 8th (TODAY!!) is the last day to pre-register. A pre-registration ticket is only $30, and you get a lot for that price. From their website:

Preregistration for AnomalyCon 4, March 28-30, 2014. Preregistration is for ALL activities for the entire weekend except for The Afternoon Tea, which must be purchased separately. Preregistration includes BOTH the Friday and Saturday concerts. Preregistered attendees will receive a reusable swag bag and lots of cool goodies.

The last day to preregister for AnomalyCon will be March 8th, 2014. Day passes will be available for purchase during the convention itself.

They have contests, like best mustache, most creative balcony, best hovercraft, and LEGO building. They also have a super cool science fair for kids. Top all that off with amazing musical guests, talented artists, distinguished authors, AND a Murder Mystery and Killer Breakfast, and you have a pretty remarkable convention.

Extra special for this year, each attendee will get a stack of cards in their goodie bag. These cards will have original artwork (like the one shown above) on one side and a piece of flash fiction on the other. All the cards will be the same artist/author pair, so you have to socialize to collect the others!

And, yes, I contributed a flash fiction piece called “The Last Revolution” for this great game.

Go pre-register today! Quickly! Before it’s too late.

See you soon!


~ by omgrey on March 8, 2014.

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