Steampunk Spotlight: eSteampunk & “Too Fond”

20121023-120446.jpgToday’s spotlight shines on two horror steampunk short stories in two separate publications.

First, eFiction introduces it’s premiere Steampunk eZine, eSteampunk, full of fabulous art, articles, poetry, and stories, including my “Dead Mule Crossing,” which debuted in Pill Hill Press’s When The West Was Wicked.

Other stories in this issue include, “The Collector: A Steampunk Fable” by Meg Kingston, “The Airships of 1776” by David Wright, “Preacher’s Story” by Jim Herbert, and “Drinking Down Death” by Jeff Young.

Second in the spotlight, the haunting gaslight romance “Too Fond” by the lovely Leanna Renee Hieber. Read it for free on

I read this beautifully written Gothic Romance while enjoying a Starbucks Mocha at Disneyland’s California Park on my 12th anniversary trip. I loved it so much that I simply had to include it in today’s spotlight, typing this post out on my iPhone while waiting in lines for rides. So, please, forgive any typos or bizarre auto-corrects.

Enjoy these tragic horror stories in honor of Halloween.

~ by omgrey on October 23, 2012.

One Response to “Steampunk Spotlight: eSteampunk & “Too Fond””

  1. […] the online magazine that published my short story “Dead Mule Crossing” last week, features me in an interview this week. Special thanks to eFiction and to Mandy Brown for all her […]

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