2012: Year In Review

I got the idea to do a year-in-review from the lovely Magpie Killjoy. You can read his Year In Review here.

In short, I’m really glad 2012 is over. For those of you who read these pages, you will know why, so I won’t mention it again in the review, as I just don’t want to.

Image by Susan Brack


  • I had the honor of being literary guest at several Steampunk conventions, including HRM Steampunk Symposium, Clockwork Con, Aetherfest, AnachroCon, AnomalyCon, ConJour, The Florida Steampunk Exhibition East, and The Difference Engine.
  • I got word that my novel Avalon Revisited will get a second wind in 2013, details to follow very soon.
  • I contributed an article on Polyamory for A Steampunk’s Guide to Sex.
  • I appeared on the cover of Gearhearts, A Steampunk Glamour Revue, issue #3, which also included my short story “Of Aether and Aeon,” as well as an interview and many other pictures of me on the inside.
  • I moved to a glorious home overlooking a serene lake in Northern California.
  • I ran my first 5K and began wearing a size I hadn’t worn since I was 15 years old, making it necessary to buy a new corset. 🙂
  • I went on a blog tour for my books and gave away a Kindle.
  • I learned to crochet baby Cthulhu’s and Voodoo Dolls.
  • My short story “Love is for the Living” was accepted for an anthology with Siren’s Call Publications, scheduled for 2013, called Bellows of the Bone Box: A Steampunk Anthology. 
  • My short story “Dead Mule Crossing” was reprinted in eSteampunk, as well as an interview.
  • My poem “Look Into My Eyes” was published through SNM Horror Mag.
  • My poem “New York Rain” won an award for best poetry.
  • I podcasted the entirely of Avalon Revisited, and started on The Zombies of Mesmer, too.
  • I won the Steampunk Chronicles Reader’s Choice Awards for best fiction, Avalon Revisited, and best short story “Dust on the Davenport.”
  • My short story “Final Word,” as well as my poem “New York Rain” was accepted for publication in an upcoming issue of The Rusty Nail.
  • “New York Rain” is still in the Bar None Group’s Hall of Fame, over a year later.
  • My alter ego, Christine Rose, also sponsored a blog tour as well as finished the 4th book of Rowan of the Wood: Power of the Zephyr! She podcasts that fiction as well on her blog.
  • Although I didn’t make it to Europe or the UK this year, I hope that I will next year, or in 2014 at the latest, as well as finish several other novels and a couple of nonfiction books as well. I’m years behind! Time to buckle down and catch up! I’m already 11K into the Avalon Revisited sequel! Watch me write on the word meter in the right sidebar.
  • Finally, I touched and continue to touch countless people every day through my blog. My posts on survival, rape, abuse, and the like have helped them feel less alone, and their comments help me feel less alone. Look for a book on Responsible Community Response in 2013, I’m determined to teach communities how to respond to sexual assault and rape effectively and compassionately so that no one has to suffer the secondary trauma I, and thousands of other survivors, must every single day.
  • This blog was viewed 110,000 times in 2012, with 183 new posts. My busiest day was December 9th with 1008 views. Most popular post that day, and a very important one at that: People Who Hide Behind Poly. Overall, my most popular post is PTSD from Emotional Abuse, followed closely by Pathology of the Commitmentphobe. See more in the post right before this one.

So, all in all, even with its challenges and trauma, it was a rather successful year!

Still, so happy it’s over. 2013 is going to be splendid.

See you next year!



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